Help Garden Birds in Winter

During the winter months, birds need our help more than ever. Providing food and shelter are key to helping birds survive the cold weather and lack of natural food sources. Here are some tips on how to help birds in your garden this winter.

  1. Provide birds with an energy-rich source of food such as fat balls or bird feeders filled with seeds, nuts and dried fruit. You can also make your own suet balls for birds by mixing lard or beef dripping with wild bird seed. Positioning feeders near cover will increase the chances of birds visiting your garden regularly.
  2. Ensure birds have access to a supply of fresh drinking water. This can be difficult when temperatures drop below freezing, so use a birdbath heater or install heated water bowls and buckets around the garden. Water is also important for bathing.
  3. Create additional nesting sites for birds with purpose-built boxes placed away from cold draughts and direct sunlight. Take it a bit further by providing birds with extra insulation by putting out hay, straw or dried grass which they can use as nesting material.

By taking these simple steps, you can help birds in your garden to survive the winter months. Not only will you be providing birds with essential food and shelter but also contributing to their overall wellbeing. The birds will thank you!