Gardening Tips

In June, despite being a somewhat unseasonably colder start, it should still be a lovely month because there’s so much to enjoy in the garden. Spring and summer blooms should be giving a bounty of colour, with roses and bedding plants coming into their own. In fact it’s the best month of all to enjoy the scent and colour of roses. Here’s to brighter and warmer days through summer!

Here are some gardening jobs for June…

More Planting

By now you’ve probably planted quite a few different plants and shrubs in the garden, but if you don’t already have any hydrangeas or lavenders, definitely think about introducing some. They’ll be fully blooming soon until the temperature starts to cool into the autumn and winter, and are spectacular additions. Foxgloves, Honeysuckle and Antirrhinum are more great choices to introduce and we shouldn’t turn our noses up at bedding plants like marigold and cosmos which pollinators love.

Potter Around

Now is the time to enjoy the garden as much as possible! You can still do a little planting, a little dead heading, feeding and weeding but most of all just appreciate the abundance and fullness of your garden. 

Lawn Care

To keep the lawn healthy throughout summer apply a spring/summer fertiliser and don’t scalp it with every cut. Instead cut it on the highest setting to avoid stressing it out.